Trees are considered living things and they need to live like humans in this world. Tree Surgery Oxford said that many trees are able to stray strong even with a lot of problems and possible destructions to them. We really don’t know how many years or how long they can live. If you are going to imagine that from a simple seed it will become a plant that has a few leaves and as time passes by it will turn into a young tree until it becomes fully a matured one that can now give fruits and people can use it as a shade and use them for some future needs like the tables in our house, for us to sit comfortable in a chair and even where we put our clothes like cabinet and drawers.  


There are many conditions that will result to the death of a tree. It could be coming from natural agents or sources and some may be from humans or animals.  

  • Weather conditions could be one of the variables that may lead to the death of the tree. Due to the changes in the season and climate, plants would need to adapt to the certain condition. For example, the weather is very hot especially in summer that means they will be needing a lot of water because If not the plant will be totally dry and that could be the probable cause of the death.  The same thing goes to a very cold weather and snowy time. Not only limited to this but as well as the drought places. Some of them could not stand living in a muddy area or to the sandy location.  
  • I guess, insects and other organisms could be the most common reason why plants usually die and can’t get enough nutrients. This small leaf insects can eat all the leaves and bring diseases to the trees. A simple cause may lead to the overall destruction and possible death of the healthy tree. It includes fungi, some wood termites, insects. It is very important to spray some organic or may be inorganic solution to help in preventing them from spreading around the tree and to others.  
  • Natural disaster that is happening like earthquake, flood, thunderstorm, tsunami. tornado and many others. There are also some emergencies done by many people that can cause to catastrophic scenario like forest fires. When someone tried to burn the forest and it may definitely result to burning all the living things there.  
  • Some trees died because of their age. Being so old and fully matured for a long time, they are not strong enough to fight the possible natural harmful conditions in the place. Or it may be because of not having the bad agents removed, it may now cause to suffering and death.  
  • Cutting the trees in our area is one of the most common action that kills them.  
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